Official Statistics

Official statistics, can be seen as the collective body of statistics produced by the National Statistical System in response to a country’s national development plan. At Stattis, we begin our support in Official Statistics by understanding the national priorities and the measurement agenda defined by those objectives. After the policy discussions have taken place, we help measure the effectiveness of these policies and evaluate the supply and demand of data.

Another aspect of official statistics is evaluating how the country’s measurement agenda align with regional and global demands and how aligned a country's processes are with the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics.

We provide support in the following area:

• NSDS: Developing National Strategies for the Development of Statistics

• DQA: Data quality assessments

• Data analysis and dissemination

• Governance of statistical systems 

• SDGs: Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into national development plans

• Legal structure: Reviewing statistical legislation to assure an enabling data environment while preserving confidentiality

• Training: Provide training in strategic development and statistical planning

• Evaluation of the National Statistical System: Evaluations can draw from standard statistical evaluations or tailor made to very specific areas and sectors. We work to define the best possible evaluation for the best possible results.

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